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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

BOOKS, Part 2

Librarians love me, as they do all avid readers. 

As a child, I read ever book in my elementary school libraries
with exception of the reference books that couldn't be checked out. I got to read all new books first. 

In the summer I walked to the local branch library every week for an armload of books...about 5 miles each way.[No backpacks back then.] I was on the Teen Taskforce to assist in choosing the books for the Youth section at our new library.I helped to shelf thousands of books from the old library to the new building and was a tour guide on Grand Opening Day.

Since age 7, I read for enjoyment, to escape my troubled home life, to learn and to become a writer. King Arthur, Little House on the Praire and Grimm fairy tales were my first loves. 

As an adult, I traveled to Avalon- the longest book I could find- as I sat at my father's bedside while his struggle with cancer came to an end. Later I took a college course on Children's literature, which required the reading of over 50 books. Every week my son picked up 10-12 books from the bookmobile for me.

As a senior, I've read new books and gave feedback to the bookmobile librarian. I also took care of our retirement center's library for nearly 10 years.

Now, my health limits my activity.Yet it provides lots of time for reading. The internet offers truckloads of free and low-cost books. Thriftbooks.com is my favorite source for like-new books at 4/$12 with free shipping. Like Joe, my apartment is full of books.

I'll share what I'm reading in the next post. Meanwhile...

Selah, think on what books mean to you


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