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Monday, November 07, 2016

BOOKS, Part 3- My Current Reading

One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot's Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview  by Jason B. Ladd

Note: I read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author.  All of the opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

In high school, my College English class required the reading many books. One on the list was awful; I just couldn’t read it. My teacher suggested I write why instead of the usual book review.

I found One of the Few difficult to finish. Here’s why:
  • ·         The military jargon distracted me as it was of no interest to me. At times I didn’t understand it.
  • ·         The writer’s style of flipping between his military life and his personal journey toward and with Christ Jesus was confusing.
  • ·         His desire to bring others to the same conclusion he made in eventually following the Lord was “preachy” at times and could turn off an unbeliever.
  • ·         Like many new writers, JL, as a Marine pilot, writes what he knows best- flying. My writing mentors say to know and follow the rules when writing before you break them. This may have helped his book to flow better.

This book wasn’t for me and that’s okay. I believe it has its own unique nichẻ for those with military connections or those interested in flying, It should be required reading for military chaplains.

 I do recommend it to those few who fit in the above nichẻ.

The Marines choose only a few… the best. I’m glad the author found Jesus Christ, who came for all and works best with our weaknesses. 

~ ~ ~

I have just finished the Biblical novel Noah by Ellen Gunderson Traylor. In A Note To the Reader, Traylor wrote:

"When I was asked to write a book on Noah, I had no idea that I would be opening myself up to a world of mystery and adventure such as is found on the following pages."

Her research and faithfulness to the Scriptures do indeed result in a reading adventure. 

Genesis 6-9, the basis for this novel, is a story of faith and obedience but leaves a multitude of questions with no answers. I know because I also did research that included over 40 resources. 

Traylor's novel is a 5-star book as a good read. For me, it fulfills my personal criteria: It must cause me to think in areas I haven't traveled before... it must stimulate my brain's little gray cells. Mostly, I thought how I would respond if I was there. Would my faith sustain me? Could I get along with Noah's family? How would I survive for over a year closed inside the ark? Even more basic- what factors would I consider when I heard Noah's warning? Would I believe him? Could I have been one of the righteous?

I loved meeting Traylor's gentle, compassionate Noah. 

"This is a story, not only of Noah's time, but in many ways of our own." Even more relevant since she wrote it in 1985. I highly recommend reading it. This reading journey may save your life.

What are you reading?


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