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Monday, April 03, 2017

ESTHER, Part 2

The Esther study is in its final week, but will continue to be available. I'm enjoying it and it has inspired me to read some other resources.

Here are some highlights from What Esther Knew by Connie Glaser and Barbara Smalley:
  • Within 4 minutes a first impression is made; within the first 10 seconds, judgments are formed regarding social class, morals & intelligence. Often first impressions are lasting ones and are difficult to change. Yet Esther found favor in the eyes of Hegai and the king.

  • The "Esther Effect:" things happen for a reason. Therefore, no looking back or why me? Instead look forward with courage and faith.

  • As women, we have been taught not to brag or boast, but to be modest and deflect praise. Esther lived within a culture where women were passive and submissive. Esther and women of today learn to be bold for the Lord.

  • We're also taught not to talk to strangers, which causes many women to lack the initiative to network and interact with people we don't know. These inhibitions can make it difficult for us to be used by God. Esther didn't know anyone when taken to the palace, but she had to learn much to be an effective queen. For example, she wore her royal robes and stood (didn't kneel) when approaching the king to emphasize her royal status. And when confronting Haman she knew the exact words of Haman's edict and used them in her appeal. Obviously, she had developed a network for information. At the same time, I believe, she found favor with many palace workers.

  • Between chapters 4 & 5 Esther transforms from a powerless queen to a brave and courageous leader. She gained skills of communication, analysis, strategy, timing, and how to use them. When she presented her appeal to the king, it was on her turf and she was in charge. 

  • Although her beauty attracted many eyes, it was her choice to follow her conscience, to do the right thing that makes her our role model. She took a leap of faith which lead to increased strength of character and allowed her to rise above adversity.

  • And I loved this. Esther had chutzpah. Meaning she could be the drama queen when necessary, with the ability to make gutsy and clever moves.

  • "Esther's story isn't about ancient Persia. It's about us! It is filled with inspiration and lessons that are timeless and universal."

That's a peek at a few good, thought-provoking ideas I've been reading.

Selah ~ think on this   


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