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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The World Through My Window, Part 2

My apartment is one of 82 within two three-story buildings attached by a breezeway. And it has been a busy week outside of my window: painters, window washers, and landscapers. All are coordinated/supervised by our maintenance man.

Good maintenance men are hard to find. We have one of the best! Kudos to you, Josh!

In addition, electricians came as part of the city's preventive maintenance program to work on the huge electrical unit across from my window. Add the usual comings and goings: Dial-a-Ride mini-buses, a cable man, a worker adding a ramp to the garden shed, the Norco oxygen man, the Schwann man, garbage trucks, mailman, first responders and male visitors. That equals a lot of men! Lots of young men!

For this 73-year-old gramma, it's been a delight!

Join me as I tip my "hard hat" 

in appreciation for the men who keep things running and looking good.

Selah ~


[Sewer construction continues but is no longer in my window's view.]

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The World Through My Window ~ Part 1

 Being homebound, my living room window is my portal to what’s going on around me.  I can see a section of 27th street, the senior retirement center next door, sections of two parking lots, a fire hydrant, lots of trees, people coming and going, even deer on occasion.

With the hospital only a mile away, ambulances and fire trucks cruise by often and the sound of a Medi-Flite helicopter is common.

Then spring arrived…

For weeks I’ve watched tall diggers with huge buckets, big dump trucks, excavators, extractors, backhoes and lots of workmen in fluorescent safety vests. Add detour signs, orange cones, arrows indicating which lane to use, plus lots of noise and dust and you have sewer replacement in process.

The big equipment has moved down the street and the cement was poured for the median. Landscaping will begin this week. There used to be huge lavender plants. I wonder what they’ll be planting.

Meanwhile, although I don’t understand how, the water and waste from my sinks, bathtub, and toilet are still going somewhere.

What I do realize, as I watch, is that it requires extensive planning and coordination, but they know what they’re doing. The work individually, but as a team. Also, safety is a high priority for both the workers and the community.

Soon, the dust and noise will be gone. In a few months, the pavement and median won’t look new anymore.

Then will we remember what’s buried underneath? Will we remember it functions to keep us healthy? Because what is hidden deep, down inside is what really counts.

Selah ~


Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Feelin' Blue

Oh Eeyore, I sure know about those days!
Having one right now, in fact.

 Wonder if we’ll get a hug at the end of the day?

But then again, sometimes those ripples take awhile to arrive...