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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Gift to be Opened Again and Again

"When we take time to record memories, journal our prayers, and write down our thoughts, we truly give ourselves a gift to be opened over and over again. We can recall times of laughter, be encouraged by God's faithfulness in difficult situations, and feel a sense of comfort by expressing and managing the emotions He's given to us. It feels good to revisit the joys and even the struggles in our lives, because God is working in us and building our trust through every circumstance."

This comment on journaling by Dayspring was written to promote their journals. Whether you buy a premade journal- and Dayspring carries many nice ones- or use inexpensive 3/$1 spiral notebooks, journaling can help to reveal what God is doing in our lives.

Recently, I tore pages out of several journals that I had started, but never completed. I am in the process of putting them into a new journal of my earlier years. There is a basic theme: God is faithful running throughout my entries that gives me a special peace and hope.

I bought a small, red leather journal with gold-edged pages. Now, you can chuckle, if you want to; but I bought it because I liked the feel and the smell of the leather. I cannot afford a leather brief case or leather interior in a car, but I could afford this little journal. I am not sure what I will use it for. Maybe some of my life's lessons to leave my grandchildren. I'll see.

Meanwhile, consider journaling or write to me about your journaling experiences: consheartstrings at peoplepc dot com. It truly is a wonderful gift to ourselves to be opened again and again.


Shalom, Connie

Tuesday prayer focus is teachers and those in treatment/physical needs.

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