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Saturday, September 16, 2006


I have Brownies in the oven and my bubble bath is running so this will...
ooh no, I'm multitasking!

The Brownies do smell good; and my achy bones are just waiting to slip under those bubbles... aaah. Comfort time, no multitasking just de-stressing and relaxing.
I need an idea for a writing project so I am going to think about that while I get into the tub. (After the Brownies are out of the oven.) In that bubbly bliss, while my muscles, tendons and ligaments begin to relax and I drift between alertness and dosing silence reigns. That is when, sometimes, I hear God whisper to me.

Brownies are out... yum, can you smell them? I didn't put nuts in just in case you're allergic to them... Not yet, they have to cool.... Gonna savor that rich chocolate flavor... No snitching while I'm soaking. Ummmmmm, they do smell good!

No whispers, but as I eat this, warm from the oven, Brownie I am thankful for the little lifesavors that bring comfort in my life:
my baby granddaughter's smile and little noises
the sun setting over the mountains and leaving a rosy trail across the sky
praying with my grandson at bedtime as he lists everyone he knows to be blessed
music written in the 1600's that touches my heart
a good book for cuddling under the afghan on a cool day
the smell of vanilla and cinnimon candles

You add your lifesavors...

Be in an attitude of thanksgiving with me as we bring this week to a close.

Shalom, Connie

Saturday prayers focus on those seeking salvation and those searching for meaning in life.

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