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Monday, September 11, 2006

Mondays I pray for those in ministry.

For over 20 years I have prayed for a missionary nurse in Haiti (now retired & nursing in Canada), a couple in the Philippines (now teaching in California), a couple in Illinois who planted a small church and are still there, a couple in Florida working for Youth For Christ (now in the computer programming business.) As you can see, when I say I will support you through prayer, I take it on as a lifetime commitment. There have been short term commitments as well.

Today I pray for those listed above- that God will continue to use them where ever they are. I pray for the pastors of my church and the Bible Study leaders. I pray for the owner and teacher of my grandson's Christian pre-school. I pray for my son's business- he designs book covers for Christian books. Because he's visiting publishers in Tennessee and Michigan this week, I pray also for his safety and for positive outcomes. (His partner, also.) I pray for my son's leadership as he facilitates a neighborhood Bible Study.

I pray for my daughter-in-law as she starts a women's Bible Study this week. I ask the Lord to give her confidence, the right words, a heart of compassion for each woman in the group, and few distractions.

I pray for the Parish nurses in my church and in Central Oregon. I ask the Lord to guide the preparations for the conference and retreat in October so that spiritual needs will be met.

I pray for my writing group as we plan a project to be done together; guide us Lord to write, with unity, the message You have planned. And for our teacher, mentor, and friend Janet as she not only improves our writing skills, but as she helps us walk closer to the Lord.

As I minister through writing, Parish Nursing, Stitchin' With Purpose, and start a Bible Study for writers, Lord, keep my focus on you.

Who do you know in ministry? Pray for them today and thank them- we all need to be encouraged.


Shalom, Connie

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