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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Workers & Writers

Wednesday I pray for workers and writers.

I actually break it down a bit more and pray for various types of workers: 1st Wed. of the month- rescue and medical, 2nd Wed. of the month- resorts & tourism (the mainstay of the economy where I live), 3rd Wed.- retail, and 4th Wed.- food & government. So my list contains specific people and those who affect my life even though I don't know them.

Ah,writers... I belong to three writing groups in my small city. One is strictly for critiquing, another is strictly (repeat intended) for fun, and the third is for Christian Writers. There is a double bond between us in Christian Writers. We love the Lord, and we have been called by Him to write. On-line I am also one of eight women taking advanced writing lessons together, which will include a group project. Although we have only met on-line, we too have a double bond; they are my Sisters in Christ. By the way, one lives in Australia and one in England Too cool!

When praying for us writers, I ask God to make the pieces fit- coordinate the authors, agents, editors, publishers, cover designers, printers, book sellers, everyone invloved with saying what God wants said. (He is the ultimate and original Creator, He can do it!)

As I write, I pray that God will give me the words, that He will get it to the people it was written for, and that it will come at the time of their need. I don't worry about being published- I did when I started. Now, I just want to be true to the message that God has planted within me. It is the grandest thing to see thoughts become words on a page. It is a serendipity-like moment when you read what you have written and say, "Wow, how did that get there." and "Gee, that's good stuff!"

If you are reading this, I ask you to leave me a comment. Just knowing that you are there will make my day! Share my blog address with those you know. Also you can find articles and devotionals written by my "sisters" and I in the on-line magazine called Reflections. You can access it through Called To Write on the web.

Well, I have a lesson to do and an article to finish. Talk with you tomorrow.

Shalom, Connie