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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Dilly Mess

I forgot! I am so embarrassed... I'm sure you don't mess up, but I sure ended up in a dilly of a situation. I forgot my Writers' Bible Study... I forgot and I am the leader of the study!

My ladies were forgiving, but I didn't even know I missed it until one of them e-mailed me. :(

People, namely me, are fickle pickles. You never can be sure by just looking whether they are sweet or sour.

I could list the fact that I was ill, I was. That I was distracted as I anticipated an upcoming project. I was. But the truth is I wasn't soaking in the correct brine.

I should have paid attention to the lesson, which included, "I think back over... the many excuses I've made to shortchange my quiet time with the Lord. It's no wonder my writing is not bearing fruit." Guilty; I didn't feel good so I skipped my quiet time, and lost the opportunity to study God's Word with my peers.

If I had been soaking in God's jar of love, instead of "I" juice, I would have been reviewing my lesson. There would have been time to notify my ladies of my laryngitis.

Failing is not in the falling, but in not trying to get up. I'm up! And I gotta change the brine I'm in. "Hold the dill... I need some sweetener !"


Shalom, Connie

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