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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sad & Happy Faces

When I taught little children, I had flipping mirror. One of those on a wire stand, that you could turn from the normal mirror over to a magnifying mirror. I had cut bright yellow paper to cover the mirrors. On one side I glued two large google eyes, a red pompom for a nose and a large smile; the other side was the same except the smile was turned upside. Yep, a frown.

When the children were well behaved the happy face reigned. The children ignored it most of the time, once its newness wore off. But when a behavior began to go out of control, I spoke not a word and turned the mirror to the sad side. Then I sat quietly and waited. Soon, someone would notice and I'd hear, "Oh, no!" They all knew that the fun stuff stopped when Mr. Sad Face was home. Peer pressure still works as children would rather have fun then do nothing. It never took long for Mr. Happy Face to return. No frustration on my part: therefore, no trying to be heard over little ones voices. Most of the time the offender or offenders realized that all the children were watching them and quit whatever they were doing. If not, one of the children would say something about the mirror and making Ms. Connie happy again. Leadership skills show up at a very young age; and I could always tell who were big brothers or sisters. They took charge.

Well, I am having a mirror flipping day. Happy, then sad; then happy, etc. On my emotion-flexibility days I strive for some balance. Its okay to express your God-given emotions, so I decreased my tissue supply. Next, I try to do something, anything out of the norm' for me. Today is was baking a batch of muffins. Now I am going to curl up with a warm muffin, a cup of tea and read a children's story. Let happy reign!

No Pitiful Pearl Party. Just acceptance that my God is in control even though I don't understand it... and He does not have to explain it to me.

Excuse me, while I fix my Chai tea...

Shalom, Connie

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