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Sunday, November 05, 2006

"I Wonder If God Cries"

"I Wonder if God Cries" is a song from the 1970"s by Gary S. Paxton. I am assuming that the answer could be "Yes" because we are made in the image of God. I believe He becomes sad just like you and I do.

I haven't written for a few days because I have been sad and I am unsure whether to cry or to yell in anger. Anger doesn't solve issues though; and crying won't change anything. So I am going to write why I feel this way.

The conference & retreat that I attended last weekend was on "Health & Spirituality" for Parish Nurses and other people in health ministries.

So, why am I upset? Spirituality is the problem. I talk about spiritual growth; I've sung spirituals, I am spiritual because I am made in the image of God... I have His Spirit within me.
I do not want to be called religious or by the name of a particular denomination. I do want to be called a Christian. Christ- an'- I. Or Christ-like.

Today the definition of spiritual has been broadened to include whatever "feels okay."
I believe that we have crossed the line between what God sees as spiritual and what men and women want to see as spiritual.

The Bible, the only book to have survived for 1000's of years, says that Jesus is the Way and the Truth. Through Jesus we have direct access to the mind of God. Being good, kind, gentle, honest, etc. does not get you into heaven. Neither does Budda, or any other god. Neither do mystics or their practices.

Are lit candles, a cross, a Bible, an angel figurine, and soft music wrong? No, but they can be dangerous depending upon what your heart attitute is.

Read Isaiah 44:13-20 about the carpenter and his idol; then...


Shalom, Connie

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Anonymous said...

hi, do you have that song? I have been looking for this song for my Mom. She doesn't really like any another of his rock songs but this one really touched her. Could you send it to me at cowsoy@gmail.com? God bless!