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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Snoopy & Company

One of my writing friends loves Snoopy; especially when he is sitting on top of his doghouse with his typewriter. "Life according to Snoopy" tells us not to take ourselves too seriously.
As for me, I like Lucy. She's sitting in her advice booth handing out wisdom at five cents per advice. I remember one when Charlie Brown comes burdened with life's overwhelming problems; Lucy tells him, "Get another life Charlie Brown!"

There are days I'd like to turn my life in for a new model. How about you?

But then I realize that I would have to give up too much: the giggles of my baby granddaughter, the marvel of life through my grandson's eyes, my son who serves the Lord through his art, my daughter-in-law who fits her middle name of Joy, my friends of many years that always are there for me, etc. I've too many wonderful life experiences to part with.

When we go through hard times they seem so isolated. They distract us from all the good stuff.
They move us away from who we were meant to be, when we focus on the have nots, what ifs, and woe is me's. I often read the Book of Psalms, especially David's laments.

David pours out all his frustrations, fears, and burdens and asks God to help him; then he praises God. Negatives galore then praise and thanksgiving. No wonder God called David a man after His own heart. I do a lot of dumping, ask God to lean my way in answering my pleas, and constantly need more- more faith, more understanding, more joy. BUT I'm not very good at following my list of expectations with praise & thanksgiving.

Remember the prophet Elijah? He was the first prophet to actually perform miracles. Afterwards, the queen wanted revenge; causing Elijah to run away. What a pitiful pearl party he had! He asked God to kill him because he could no long bear life.

I can relate because I have suffered with the deadly D's including deep depression. Life SEEMS to not be worth it. Note what God did; He sent an angel to feed Elijah and then gave him rest. Why? Because God knew Elijah's worth, God could see the future and what He had planned for Elijah.

It is the same today. God will nourish and refresh us, if we but ask.

Lucy's right, get another life. Live it by choosing to honor God in all you say and do.

Just think of the wonderful things you can write in your journal. Snoopy might even lend you his typewriter. : )


Shalom, Connie

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